Sound Advice provides comprehensive hearing assessments for children from the age of three. Tests are fun and developmentally age appropriate.

Appointments with the Audiologist include a hearing test and ear health check followed by a discussion about the results and your hearing health.

Written reports are provided and referrals arranged as needed.

It’s important to detect hearing loss in children as early as possible. Good hearing helps children to learn language and to connect with the world around them.

If your child is not hearing well this might affect their development, speech, behaviour and ability to learn. Children should get a hearing check up if they experience:
  • lots of ear infections
  • speech delay
  • developmental concerns
  • behavioural problems
  •  learning difficulty

If your child is having difficulties at school, they may benefit from an Educational Audiology assessment. Typically these children present with poor learning, distractibility, poor concentration and sometimes disruptive behaviour.

These assessments look more closely at how the brain processes the sound we hear. Children with an Auditory Processing disorder can have a difficulty hearing n background noise and have may have poor auditory memory or the ability to use environmental cues to understand speech in complex listening environments